Patrick has been painting a number of commissions lately.  Clients often have a space of a partiular size, where one of his typical paintings just wouldn't fit right.  Clients often also have specific colors in mind.  They also get inspired by certain pieces seen in the studio or on this website.  Patrick can't duplicate one of his paintings - his technique is too complicated for that - but he can do another painting in the same vein.

Commissions are easy.  The client and Patrick agree on what is desired.  Both sign a one page agreement that includes discussion notes and timeframe. He paints and emails pictures of the painting at different stages of progress.  Slight alterations can be made at early stages, but once it's near completion, it's really complete.  After that it's just varnishing, then delivery!  Shipping is available worldwide.

UPDATE - Due to overwhelming response, Patrick has had to stop accepting new commissions until the end of the year.

  1. Burden 18" x 36"
    Burden_a 18" x 36"
    Client desired a pair of horizontal paintings to hang side by side. Similar, but not identical, with a specific color palette.
  2. Burden_b 18" x 38"
    Burden_b 18" x 38"
    This is the second image of the pair
  3. Burden 48" x 60"
    Burden 48" x 60"
    Another painting for the same client
  4. Catuma - 48" x 60"
    Catuma - 48" x 60"
    This painting was based on an interpretation of Turner's "Burning of Parliament."
  5. Diptych - 36" x 108"
    Diptych - 36" x 108"
    An unusual stacked pair of paintings
  6. Mark and Deb - 36" x 72" Triptych
    Mark and Deb - 36" x 72" Triptych
    Sometimes clients have a large space. Breaking up the image into three sections often works well.
  7. Pierce - 20" x 60"
    Pierce - 20" x 60"
    This simple horizontal painting was designed to reflect the Japanese garden of the homeowners, bringing the "Outside In."
  8. Rorhbacher - 20" x 60"
    Rorhbacher - 20" x 60"
    This horizontal landscape was requested based on a similar painting in a larger size.
  9. Schumacher - 36" x 48"
    Schumacher - 36" x 48"
    The client wanted DRAMA, so this technique included scrubbing the paint off to reveal very thin layers creating a light source and simple glow.
  10. Sea Light - 36" x 48"
    Sea Light - 36" x 48"
    This painting was truly a collaboration. Based on another painting the couple admired, I added details to their specification.
  11. Sea Wash - 36" x 72"
    Sea Wash - 36" x 72"
    This client watched the painting being done on the easel and wanted me to stop right where I was and not change a thing!
  12. Myers Commission 36" x 60"
    Myers Commission 36" x 60"
    Oil on canvas with embedded paper. Based on a specific view in northern CA.